​​Learn the ins and outs of photographic exposure in a fun, interactive class. Gain a greater understanding of your camera and the confidence to make your photos turn out exactly how you want.

  • Learn to control your shutter speed and how to freeze or blur action.
  • Learn to set your aperture and how to change depth-of-field.
  • Learn to change ISO speed for better shots in any kind of light.
  • Learn more about color, low light photography, long exposures, flash photography and more!

Who should take this class: Anyone who uses a DSLR or advanced mirrorless camera with manual controls that wants to learn how to do more with their camera.

Cost: $125

What to bring: Your camera, lenses, instruction manual, pencil and paper.

​October class cancelled. Stay tuned for next scheduled class.

An appointment is not necessary, but some advance notice is appreciated. 

The best times are between 11am and 4pm on weekdays, though other times are available.

Please contact Valley Camera to set up a time: 

(920) 731-8187


​or stop into the store.

Learn from one of our camera experts for up to 2 hours in a one-on-one session where you decide the pace and the topic(s). Get the attention you need and freedom to ask as many questions as necessary for you to understand your camera. You will receive one of our camera savings cards with deals on memory cards, bags, filters, prints and more, and you can return whenever you need more help to ask more questions or expand your knowledge further. 

Who should take this class: From absolute beginners with no photography or camera experience to enthusiasts who want to know about specific or narrow aspects of photography. 

Cost: $50

What to bring: Your camera, lenses, instruction manual, pencil and paper, and anything else associated with what you want to learn.

Photo Classes